Privacy Policy

ROCKDOM ARTISTS INC. (hereinafter, the “Company”) the operator and manager of the CHAGE and ASKA Official Web Site (hereinafter, the “Website”) and CHAGE and ASKA OFFICIAL FAN CLUB TUG OF C&A (hereinafter, “TUG OF C&A”) has established the following Privacy Policy and places its utmost attention to the protection of personal information.

The Method of Collecting Personal Information

The Company may request the registration of personal information for the use of the Website, and TUG OF C&A service. (Those who have registered their personal information with the Company shall be hereinafter, called “Members”).
The Company shall limit its collection of personal information of the Members, to only the input to this Website, or the filling-in of membership application form, or the filling-in of TUG OF C&A specified forms such as mail order application form and postal transfer forms.

Personal Information Collected

  • For those subscribing to our Mail Magazine, registration of a mail address will be necessary.
  • For those using the Shop, the registration of full name, postal code, address, phone number, and mail address information will be necessary.
  • We may request the providing of full name, mail address, address, phone number, and others when the enquiry form is being used.
  • Personal Information held in the Members only area of TUG OF C&A are the following:
    (1) Full name, (2) Sex, (3) Date of birth, (4) Age, (5) Occupation, (6) Postal code, (7) Address, (8) Mail address, (9) Phone number, (10) Other description or numbers, signs and other codes assigned to the individual, (11) Information concerning the use of the services, purchase history, Thanks Points, and enquiry information that are tied to items that enable the identification of the individual, (12) Other information that enable the identification of the individual.

The Purpose of use of Personal Information

The Company shall collect and use personal information of the Members in the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use (hereinafter, “Purpose of Use”) indicated as follows. In the event personal information is to be used exceeding the Purpose of Use, consent of the Members shall be obtained in advance.

  • (1) To develop and provide CHAGE and ASKA Fan Club service.
  • (2) To provide information concerning CHAGE and ASKA.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company shall not disclose personal information of the Members to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the Member. However, this shall not apply in the following cases:

  • (1) When consent has been obtained from the Member.
  • (2) When disclosure is required by law.
  • (3) When it is necessary to disclose personal information to other companies providing CHAGE and ASKA Fan Club related services, or companies that have been consigned with operations, where an “Agreement concerning the handling of personal information” has been concluded with the Company.
  • (4) When it is necessary to protect the rights or assets of the Company but is difficult to obtain the consent of the Members.
  • (5) When personal data that have been statistically processed in a form that will not allow the identification of any individual, is to be used to improve the services of the Website and TUG OF C&A.

Changes and Deletion of Personal Information

Personal information that has been registered with the Website may be changed or deleted by using the Website or by taking appropriate procedures by mail. Changes or deletion of mail address registered for the use of the Mail Magazine may be made in the “Register / Delete ” or “Change registered contents ” section of the Mail Magazine page.

Safety Management Measures

The Company shall provide necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leaks, loss, and damage, or for other causes to personal information that became known to the Company. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) shall be used for pages that transmit personal information to ensure security.

The Scope of Protection of Personal Information

The Company shall observe this Privacy Policy and provide necessary protection for personal information registered by the Members for the use of the Website. However, the Company shall not be responsible for the protection of personal information of other websites that are linked from this Website. This policy is construed and governed by the Laws of Japan.

The use of Google Analytics to gather site usage status

CHAGE and ASKA Official Web Site use Google Analytics to collect information on its access. Access information to the site is collected as anonymous traffic data using a first-party cookie and managed in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy

Revision in the handling of Personal Information

The Company may revise the Privacy Policy to ensure further protection of personal information or for changes in the laws of Japan or for other norms. If this should apply, it shall be posted on this Website.


Please use the enquiry form for any enquiries concerning the handling of personal information, or for the contents of the Member’s own personal information registered.