CHAGE and ASKA Special Live Show fixed.

CHAGE and ASKA Special Live Show fixed.
Outline of CHAGE and ASKA’s Special Live has now been fixed and made available.

■ Title:
TUG OF C&A Presents: CHAGE and ASKA Special Live 2013 “On Your Mark”

■ Venue:
First Gymnasium, Yoyogi National Stadium

■ Dates
              August 28, 2013  Wednesday         curtain    18:30
              August 29, 2013  Thursday           curtain    18:30
              August 31, 2013  Saturday            curtain    17:00

The outline for the special live stage, TUG OF C&A Presents: CHAGE and ASKA Special Live 2013 “On Your Mark” marking the first restart of CHAGE and ASKA celebrating the 35th anniversary from their debut, has now been fixed.
The venue, the First Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium, is a memorable location for CHAGE and ASKA, who were the first to use it as a concert venue back in 1983.
There’s no doubt that this Special Live will be a special stage filled with their hit songs.
Starting out with this Special Live, CHAGE and ASKA are now planning a whole lot of activities for the 35th anniversary year.
Please look forward to them.

■ Ticket Information:
Application for tickets will be made through CHAGE and ASKA’s Official Fan Club, TUG OF C&A.
*   Details for the application of tickets will be provided, enclosed in the May issue of the Official Member Newsletter to be sent out beginning of May.

[Application Qualifications] :
● Current Fan Club members:
     Fan Club members with effective membership as of May 1, 2013.
● For new Fan Club members:
  Those who have completed membership application (settlement of membership) on or before Saturday, May 18, 2013.

[Admission] :                     Yen 8,400  (tax inclusive)

[Special web site] :
*    Door opening time and other details shall be provided on the web-site as soon as they become available.
*    Application for tickets from abroad will be informed on the C&A Official Web Site as soon as they become available.

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