Others CHAGE and ASKA



We would like to thank all of our fans for always supporting CHAGE and ASKA.
This is to announce that CHAGE and ASKA has decided to revive their activities
in 2013, after a four year break
The two, after suspending their activities in 2009, have been pursuing
activities individually, aiming at further raising their awareness as solo artists.
Creating music individually as Chage, and as ASKA, with both making challenges
at various stage styles, the two have come to realize that their awareness towards
CHAGE and ASKA, their roots, have grown inevitably, larger and larger.
In addition, the immense changes and events that took place during the time have
also helped the two to re-kindle the linkage with their fans which have supported the
two during this period.
This Summer, CHAGE and ASKA will be celebrating their 35th anniversary
of their debut, back in 1979.  Starting out with a Special Live, for the first time in
six years since 2007, the two are now working on plans for various activities to
make this 35th anniversary year, a year to spend with the fans that have stayed
and walked down the paths together with them.
Further details of the activities will be announced in the Official Web Site and
the Official Fan Club, TUG OF C&A.  Please look forward to the announcements.
Once again, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and look forward
to your continued support for CHAGE and ASKA.
January 25, 2013
Rockdom Artists, Inc.

If CHAGE and ASKA’s return back to the source was in solo activities, then I believe the results must be confirmed in front of our fans as CHAGE and ASKA.
I am probably the one who is looking forward the most, to the time when our voices will overlap in the not too distant future.
Four years have already passed since the commotion. How has everyone passed the time?
I’ve thought a lot during my solo activities. Solo awareness strengthens with the passage of time. It is true to say that I’ve felt that it was about time to synchronize our steps together again, but this isn’t the first reason.
I’d like to thank every one of you, who have waited for us all this time, without any assurance of when it will end.
This will be a stage for the first time in six years. I hope that what I will be projecting “right in the middle of both sides” will be “right in the middle” for you too.