March 10th CHAGE & ASKA single “Kono Ai no Tameni/Vision” was released for the first time in three years.
March 31st ASKA's first Best Album “ASKA the BEST” was released.
March 31st Chage's the fan club original Video “Chage Concert Tour Feeling Place” was released.
April 30th CHAGE and ASKA the fan club original video “ONE × ONE” was released and sold only to the fan club members.
May 31st to June 1st CHAGE and ASKA performed “Akasaka Blitz Special MTV Program Live” at Akasaka Blitz. It was for the live recording for MTV program, and for CHAGE and ASKA, it was their first stage in three years and a half.
June 9th The single “Mure” was released.
C&A held a fan club members only “CHAGE and ASKA 20th Anniversary Premium Live” concert at Nippon Budokan and Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium. 6 performances in 2 cities. It was as the 20th Anniversary memorial acoustic live concert, 2 days in each concert hall.
August 25th The album “NO DOUBT” was released and ranked immediately No.1 in Oricon ranking. The album was self-produced and released on the date of the 20th anniversary from their debut.
August 25th CHAGE and ASKA a fan club original video “CHAGE and ASKA 20th Anniversary Premium Live” was released.
August 28 - 29th C&A held the fan club members only “CONCERT TOUR 1999 TUG OF C&A PRESENTS PREVIEW” in Makuhari Messe Event Hall.
September 3rd “CHAGE and ASKA CONCERT TOUR Denko Sekka” started at Marin Messe Fukuoka.
November 10th “CHAGE and ASKA CONCERT TOUR Denko Sekka” ended at Rainbow Hall, Nagoya Civic General Gymnasium. 21 performances in 7 cities.
November 19th “CHAGE and ASKA ASIAN TOUR NO DOUBT” started in the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, China.
November 27th “CHAGE and ASKA ASIAN TOUR NO DOUBT” ended at Shanghai Gymnasium. 4 performances in 2 cities.
December 16th The Best Album “CHAGE and ASKA VERY BEST ROLL OVER 20th” was released.
This best album was released for the first time in 8 years.
December 16th Chage’s selected album “Chage Treasure Box Vol. 1” was released. Chage selected American and European hit numbers in 70's and 80's and created a compilation album.
December 20th CHAGE and ASKA a fan club original video “Yume no Bannin SPECIAL EVENT 1993 GUYS” and “Shijyo Saida no Sakusen THE LONGEST TOUR 1993-1994” were released.
December 31st CHAGE and ASKA DVD “CHAGE and ASKA LIVE BEST 1995-1999” was released.
December 31st C & A held the count down Live “CHAGE and ASKA Sennenya Ichiya Live - Fukuoka Dome Bokura ga Home.” Their first dome stadium concert was held in their home, Fukuoka. There were three stages in one concert, Chage, ASKA, and C&A.
The DVD “CHAGE and ASKA LIVE BEST 1995-1999” was released.