February 18th The video “RED HILLl” was released.
March C&A won the Grand Prix Singles Award, the Best 4 Singles Award, and the Best 5 Artists Award in the 8th Japan Gold Disk Awards.
March 18 to 22nd South Asia Promotion Campaign (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
April 10th CHAGE and ASKA CONCERT TOUR “Shijyo Saidai no Sakusen, THE LONGEST TOUR 1993-1994” ended at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Daiichi Taikukan.
70 performances in 25 cities.
April 29th CHAGE and ASKA “ASIA TOUR 1994,” the first concert tours in abroad, started at Hong Kong Coliseum.
May 4th C&A appeared in the Monaco Music Festival as the Asia representative and become a three-year consecutive award winner.
May 21st CHAGE and ASKA “ASIAN TOUR 1994” ended at Taipei Gymnasium. (5 performances in three cities) 2 days in Hong Kong, 2 days in Singapore, 1 day in Taiwan. Total of 60,000 audiences.
August 3rd The single “HEART/NATURAL/on Your Mark” was released and immediately hit No.1 in the Oricon ranking.
August 25th The album “Yin & Yang” was released.
August 26th to 28th C&A held the 15th anniversary memorial event “Shijyo-saidai no Amusement Park” at Fujikyu Highland.
September 21st The video “15th ANNIVERSARY On Your Mark” was released.
September 29th CHAGE and ASKA visited San Francisco and participated a press conference for the movie “Street fighter.”
October 5th The MULTI MAX single “Ai no Sora de” was released.
November 4th Chage published the book “Tsuki Ga Iiwake Shite Iru” from Gento Sha.
November 16th The single “Meguri Ai” was released and immediately hit No.1 ranking in the Oricon ranking.
November 16th MULTI MAX released the Album “Well, Well, Well.”
November 22nd MULTI MAX CONCERT TOUR 1994 “Well, Well, Well” started at Shinjyuku Power Station. 4 live houses and 11 concert halls.
December “Something There” became the ending theme song for the Hollywood movie “Street Fighter.”
December 16th The “pre-ordered only,” the set of four discs “SUPER BEST BOX SINGLE HISTORY 1979 - 1994 AND Snow Mail” was released..
December 17th The original fan club video “Chage IN USA Well, Well, Well, THE VIDEO of CHAGE and ASKA TUG OF C & A vol.5” was released and sold only to the fan club members.
December 25th “CHAGE and ASKA CONCERT MOVIE Shijyo Saidai no Sakusen, THE LONGEST TOUR 1993-1994” started at Shibuya Parco Theater and ended at Shizuoka City Cultural Hall in March 19, 1995
December 26th MULTI MAX CONCERT TOUR 1994 “Well, Well, Well” ended at Nippon Budokan. 16 performances in 11 cities.